Family programs



kids yoga

sundays | 9:00 am

Kids Yoga is a playful class that aims to connect mind and body through yoga, music, storytelling, creative play and mindfulness activities. It is an empowering and inclusive class that will introduce themes of kindness, compassion, creative self-expression, equity, nature & the environment and the importance of breathing and movement. These themes are used  to explore yoga poses and sequences as well as discovering various mindfulness strategies. This program will build on the already ever present creativity and playfulness of little yogis and help them to embrace yoga in their everyday lives!


fam jam

9:00 am sunday | last sunday of month

Fam Jam is a fun & playful class where families are encouraged to breathe, move and work together while exploring the joy of yoga.  Mindfulness activities, games and interactive poses will invite everyone to connect together in healthy, positive ways. Parents, children, cousins, and grandparents will have the opportunity to strengthen their bonds and support each other while having fun! 



thursdays | 6:30pm & saturdays | 1:15pm

Take your practice to the skies!  Those 8 years and older can come join the fun with a basic zero-gravity yoga class moving through traditional poses with the help of a silk hammock attached to the ceiling. Using the silk as a prop; you can take your lunges, backbends and inversions to a whole new level.All levels of practice welcome to come out and fly!  

SINGLE CLASS · $16 | 5 class · $68 | 10 class · $128