hey new-Be!

if you are new to yoga, we suggest starting with the basics, such as our Hatha I, Yin, Gentle Yoga or Restorative classes. We encourage you to take a look at our class descriptions online, or speak to our knowledgeable staff about your questions and concerns. We also have a ongoing introduction to yoga workshops that are a great way to get started, learn and grow in your practise!

guidelines for practice:

    •  Be patient and listen to your body as your practice grows.
    •  Arrive ten to fifteen minutes before class begins so that you can prepare yourself.
    •  Drink plenty of water before class! 
    •  Respectfully remove your shoes upon entering the studio.
    •  Please turn off your mobile device so that we can maintain a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
    •  Before class begins, let your teacher know about any injuries or ailments so that you can practice safely and effectively.
    •  Observe silence in the studio before beginning class. We cultivate a space of quiet reflection and peaceful meditation.
    •  To avoid allergic reactions to fragrances, avoid wearing perfume or cologne in class.
    •  Wear clothing that wicks away sweat and will allow comfortable, full range of motion for your practice.
    •  All of our classes are drop-in, besides our Aerial classes which require registration.