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This coming Spring, Be is excited to offer another full weekend of Restorative Teacher Training! For many of us, life has become extremely demanding and fast-paced. The pressures of living up to high expectations, to never being idle, and to “have it all”, can lead to unhealthy lifestyles, placing great stress on our immune system and overall health!

give yourself permission… to take time. to breath. to live life. to give. to love. to reflect. to be present. to just be.


In this training, we will explore and connect to the healing system of yoga and the benefits it has to offer. We will:

  • develop awareness and responses in the physical body

  • physical body acceptance and connection

  • help to overcome physical limitations

  • mobility, pain and discomfort

  • conscious breath awareness/pranayama

  • learn essential restorative poses enabling one to teach and/or practice 

  • incorporating restorative practice into with our asana practice

Through the use of well placed blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps a profound sense of relaxation can infuse ones entire being. This process invokes a state of balance within the mental and emotional qualities as well as replenishes the immune system and nervous system imbalances. When the body is fully supported, it will naturally relax, releasing deep held tensions.

next session

saturday november 9th
9am - 4pm

sunday november 10th
9am - 4pm


$275+ hst · due upon registration

10% off for Be Teachers Alumni


Have Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact with all of  your restorative YTT inquiries.

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Shelley Gower

Shelley is a teacher of restorative yoga with over 10 years of experience. Much of her work is focused on teaching breast cancer survivors and students with trauma, physical limitations or injuries the benefits of a supportive, holistic, nourishing, restorative practice. Shelley guides students to find harmony, learning that sometimes “doing less IS more”.