yin yoga teacher Training | 20 hrs


uncover the yin within

be is excited to offer yin yoga teacher training this fall.  join debbie and Jenny as they dive deep into the practice of stillness, patience and non-reactivity.  This practice allows us to cultivate a deep connection with ourselves and helps us restore our bodies full range of motion by genthly lengthening the muscles and fascia. 

in the midst of movement & chaos, keep stillness inside of you
— deepak chopra

this program will cover:

  • information useful for students and teachers alike

  • confidence to teach and practice the yin postures with props and hands on assists, as well as put together yin sequences with pranayama (breath work)

  • a general overview of the philosophy behind and practice of yin yoga as we work through the most common yin poses/postures

  • exploring the physical, mental and energetic benefits of yin

  • the anatomy of yin yoga with the majority of attention placed on the joints, specifically the hips, shoulders & spine. touching on fascia/connective tissues.

  • The knowledge of tension versus compression in poses, so we can understand ‘what stops me’ (bernie clark)

  • a workbook with a copy of the meridian lines or acupuncture points in the bodies

  • 5 hours of yin practice



next session

friday october 4th 6pm - 10pm saturday october 5th 9am- 4pm sunday october 6th 9am-4pm


$395+ hst · due upon registration

10% off for Be Teachers Alumni


Have Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact with all of  your restorative YTT inquiries.


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jen kelly

jenny is a proud teacher of Hatha, Vinyasa (RYT 200 from ‘be’ yoga) & Yin yoga. She believes in a healthy mix of the YANG styles of yoga with Yin yoga to bring about a beautiful balance in the mind & body. A student forever, Jenny was lead to yoga with a back injury and was quickly enthralled with its physical benefits. However, it was the CLEARING of the mind that intrigued and grabbed ahold of her, sending her to B.C to study under ‘Bernie Clark’ to complete her 50 hour YIN Teacher Training.

Jenny’s classes aim to be relaxed or energizing, inclusive and balancing, focusing on breathing as a means to help settle and clear the mind. Enjoy YOUR practice. 


Deborah Bouttell is a Registered Massage Therapist, RYT 300 with a full time private practice in the city of Burlington. Deborah has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and in 2016 after seeing the benefits of the practice both personally and professionally, decided to embark on her yoga teacher training. She believes yoga therapy is the path forward in today’s sedentary society. She has taken extensive courses in myofascial meridians, yoga anatomy, yoga nidra and yin yoga. She teaches vinyasa, myofascial release and yoga anatomy.

She is passionate about anatomy of the human body and its functions and is fascinated by the relationship between eastern and western yoga anatomy philosophies. She tries to impress on her students the importance of learning anatomy in order to deepen their personal practice and help them feel comfortable assisting their students in a safe and effective manner.