kids yoga teacher training

children are great imitators. give them something to imitate.

The greatest gift Yoga bestows to children is its devotion to encouraging positive self-image, body awareness, coordination, flexibility and strength in a physical manner that is non-competitive and that inspires cooperation, compassion and a deep connection with oneself and the natural world that surrounds them.

Presenting yoga in a child’s language can bring them enormous benefits so that they can counter the stress they experience living in a “hurry-up’ed” world. They learn techniques for concentration, self-regulation, relaxation, positive self-esteem and inner fulfillment giving them healthy tools to use when dealing with life’s pressures. 

When you learn the benefits of teaching yoga to children you become a facilitator that will guide your students while simultaneously opening your heart and letting them guide you.  undoubtedly they will invite you into a boundless world of exploration and wonder.  When you join them, the process will be continually reciprocal and provide an opportunity for everyone to create, express themselves, and grow together. 

children love yoga because they can be anything they can imagine

uncover your inner child

This training is for anyone who loves working with kids and is passionate about yoga, mindfulness & healthy living. You do not need to be a yoga instructor to take this course, it is perfect for anyone who works with children!

During this course, you will learn practical and creative ways to teach yoga to children of all ages. You will discover the physical, mental, and emotional benefits yoga can provide for children at all developmental stages. Our Kids Yoga Teacher Training will provide you with effective tools, techniques and strategies to help you create interactive and engaging yoga and mindfulness activities and classes. These strategies can be used in a variety of different settings and will be useful for your work with students, community members, patients, friends and/or family members. Our aim is to help you to give children the tools to build a lifetime of health and wellness through the practice of mindfulness & yoga!


This program we will cover these topics:

  • Why Kids Yoga

  • Postures

  • Breathing

  • Cooperative Games

  • Mindfulness Activities

  • Class Structure & Sequencing

  • Anatomy & Developmental Stages

  • Health and Wellness Topics

  • Class Management Strategies

  • Resources


Course Requirements

  • Attend 2 Day Training

  • Kids Yoga Class Observations

  • Final Assignment - Lesson Plan & Book Reflection

  • Total 20hrs with 5hrs dedicated to class observations & assignments

next session

saturday nov 2nd · 10am - 6pm

sunday nov 3rd · 10am - 5pm


$325+ hst · due upon registration

In addition, $25 cash for teachers manual - paid directly to Tasha on Saturday November 2nd, 2019


Have Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact with all of  your kid YTT inquiries.


your teacher

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Tasha forster

Tasha is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Music, Drama & Dance teacher with the Peel District School Board. She brings over 15 years of teaching experience from schools around the world, as well as within Canada, to this training. Tasha is the chair of the Climate & Mental Health Team at her current school and believes in the positive power and wellness benefits of bringing mindfulness to schools and community programs. Over the past 10 years, Tasha has taught a variety of different styles of yoga to various ages of students, including children & teens. She currently teaches the Storytime Yoga and Fam Jam classes at be yoga & wellness. She loves the playfulness and joy that children bring to a yoga class. She enjoys helping children to creatively express their authentic selves and to discover and appreciate the beauty in all that surrounds them. She spends her time with her own two children, outdoors, hiking, camping, skiing, gardening, playing music and living with an open heart!