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The practice of meditation has long been established as an incredible technique with innumerable benefits for ones own health and well being.  Today, meditation is increasingly being recognized as essential in helping to combat everyday stresses as part of a healthy lifestyle.  In this course, participants will dive into learning the benefits of introspective practices such as meditation and breath. Throughout, we will explore many styles of mediation and how they may be enhanced by pranayama, sound, mantra, affirmations, and visualizations.  We will also discuss theories represented through tradition in order for the participants to gain a strong foundation from which to teach.  Each participant is encouraged to dedicate the time during and after this course to their own self-realizations so that they may teach by example and express from their own voice and experience.

suffering is due to our disconnection with the inner soul

meditation is establishing that connection ~ Amit ray



lori anne kamer

Lori, R.Ac fell in love with yoga after completing her Psychology Degree in 2005, leading to her yoga certification in 2009. Her interests quickly expanded into alternative health fields which further guided her to dive deeper into the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pranayama, Reiki, healing touch and she is now a registered Acupuncturist. Lori’s most recent explorations incorporated in depth studies in metaphysics, meditation, breath and an incredibly illuminating 40 days in silence.    



mondays | june 17-july 29 · 6:30-9:30pm (excluding july 1st)

weekend intensive

friday | july 19 · 4-10pm

saturday | july 20 · 10am-7pm

sunday | july 21 · 10am-7pm





$599 · due upon registration

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