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aerial yoga - take your practice to the skies! Join us for a basic zero-gravity yoga class moving through traditional poses with the help of a silk hammock attached to the ceiling. Using the silk as a prop; you can take your lunges, backbends and inversions to a whole new level. The class will help to demonstrate simple wrist and ankle locks important to advance through an aerial practice and set you up to fly. All levels of practice welcome to come out and play!

barre - This Ballet and Pilates inspired fitness class uses small hand weights, resistance bands and additional equipment to take you through a full-body experience (strength, cardio and stretch). By integrating repetitive movements using our method, you will engage the small, intrinsic muscles used to promote lean and long muscles. This program targets each area of the body, with a strong focus on the core, legs and gluteal area. *no dance experience necessary

build your practice hatha - This class is for students looking to develop and advance their Asana as well as Pranayama practices. Come prepared for a exciting, challenging class. Class will be slower pace taking more time in the poses with more transitions. There will also be a lot of hands on assists and alignment cueing to assist students into more intermediate postures.  Class will still be geared to working with student limitations. 

detox vinyasa - a vinyasa flow class focused on cleansing with breath by twisting and extending the body to release toxins from the organs and nourish the mind. This class is suitable for intermediate and expanding level students.

fam jam - Fam Jam is a fun & playful class where families are encouraged to breathe, move and work together while exploring the joy of yoga.  Mindfulness activities, games and interactive poses will invite everyone to connect together in healthy, positive ways. Parents, children, cousins, and grandparents will have the opportunity to strengthen their bonds and support each other while having fun! 

flow & restore - build heat as you begin class with a Vinyasa Flow to energize and strengthen the body, so that you may deeply relax into restorative poses to finish your practice and restore your body to a blissful state. This class aligns the subtle energy bodies and revives your vital energy. Exhale into this calming, healing, and soothing practice.  All levels welcome. Keep in mind you will flow for part of the class.

flow & restore aerial yoga - This practice begins with a vinyasa flow on the mat to warm and prepare the body for gentle, long, deep poses in the aerial silks. Thanks to the support of the silks, the spine is targeted to build traction and release tension throughout the body.  This class welcomes all levels and will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to curl into bed!

flow & unwind - Hatha yoga to build strength and release energy balanced with alternating deep stretches or asana that support progressive layers of relaxation and unwinding of tension.

full moon sadhana - full moon is an auspicious time to start/develop a yoga and meditation practice. In this celestial bliss move through a series of hath salutations we do a least 54 followed by 27 minutes of silent sitting/walking/dancing meditation and 27 minutes of savasana and yoga nidra. 

gentle yoga - this gentle class focuses on restorative poses and moving at your own pace to discover a practice full of relaxation and ease. Students will move through poses aimed at reducing stress, addressing injuries, and finding a sense of healing and wellness.

hatha - classes vary according to your teacher’s personal study and approach. These classes have a strong focus on alignment and poses which use awareness of body and breath to cultivate strength and balance.

hatha flow - this flow-based hatha class links the postures practiced in a regular Hatha class into a sequence of movements that "flow" with the breath in a more vigorous series. Flow-Based Hatha Yoga involves moving from one posture to another with a strong focus on breath awareness.  Variations on the Sun Salutation are often used as a warm-up, followed by a standing sequence, balancing poses, and then seated poses.  As in all Hatha classes, relaxation (savasana) ends the class.  Hatha Flow is recommended for students who have practiced Hatha Yoga and are interested in exploring a more movement-oriented class. Flow-Based Hatha Yoga builds strength, endurance, and a strong focus.

hot stretch - Yin inspired yoga class that focuses on opening the hips, hamstrings and increasing mobility shoulder girdle. This class is the perfect complement to more active styles of yoga and strength training. Each class is sequenced with purpose to release tension in areas of the body where chronic stress can build up. Warning: you will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and sleep like a baby.

healing through yoga and meditation - there is an opportunity within our yoga practice to bring your body and mind into resonance that allows meditation to happen and your energy to soar. This class uses gentle hatha yoga postures and kundalini breathing in order to create a euphoric energy within you, ending in a smooth transition into a trance like state, to finish your practice with meditation. A perfect way to begin and end the week for yogis of all levels and ages.

kids yoga - Kids Yoga is a playful class that aims to connect mind and body through yoga, music, storytelling, creative play and mindfulness activities. It is an empowering and inclusive class that will introduce themes of kindness, compassion, creative self-expression, equity, nature & the environment and the importance of breathing and movement. These themes are used  to explore yoga poses and sequences as well as discovering various mindfulness strategies. This program will build on the already ever present creativity and playfulness of little yogis and help them to embrace yoga in their everyday lives!

kids/teen aerial yoga - take your practice to the skies!  Those 8 years and older can come join the fun with a basic zero-gravity yoga class moving through traditional poses with the help of a silk hammock attached to the ceiling. Using the silk as a prop; you can take your lunges, backbends and inversions to a whole new level.All levels of practice welcome to come out and fly!

moga™ mom & baby yoga - this 6 week series of moga™ mom and baby yoga classes designed to support your postpartum body's healing journey. each week we will engage in meaningful discussions about motherhood followed by a yoga practice with exercises chosen to rehabilitate your core and pelvic floor muscles.

your baby joins you for this practice and will be engaged in a sensory experience with songs and movement. that being said, if your baby is napping let them relax while you enjoy a well-deserved stretch! this class is an inclusive and relaxed environment where you are free to pause and nurture your baby while also enjoying the healing and strengthening benefits of yoga.

myofascial release & vinyasa flow - This is a unique practice where you will use specially designed therapy balls (provided by teacher) to help penetrate through layers of skin and muscle to massage deeply into high tension areas during the practice. The self-massage release techniques complement the sequencing of the class. Join in to help restore your body and mind…. Treat yourself to some self-care and leave feeling better in your body. Perfect for yogis and athletes.

new moon kundalini sadhana - our class includes an hour of intense kundalini yoga followed by a calming chant and meditation designed to kick start your life force

restorative - a gentle practice which assists the body into deep relaxation through prop use, such as bolsters, blankets, straps and blocks. Students will unwind and surrender into long, deep poses which calm the mind and body and leave you feeling replenished and relaxed.

sculpt & tone - NOT YOUR EVERY DAY YOGA ~ an intense but easy to follow yoga class that is suitable for everyone, it is the perfect blend of Yoga, Pilates, and Resistance training. Each class will promise a creative, dynamic and fun sequence intended to build long lean muscles without the fear of bulking up. Great complement to your regular yoga practice to new levels!

sit to be fit - free class offered within be yoga. Community exercise class for senior.  A class designed to promote health and fitness for seniors and for those wishing to increase strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. 

strength, stretch & flow - Prepare to get your heart rate up and muscles burning in this class!  Light weights and resistance bands are combined with a non traditional yoga class designed to build strength and elongate muscles.  We will power through with some cardio blasts and core work to ensure a total body workout and maximum calorie burn !  A well deserved stretch and surrender will close the class

stroller fit - Meet up at the studio with baby in stroller ready to head down to the park!  We will have fun connecting with other moms and babies as we work through various cardio and strengthening exercises!  No special stroller required. remember sunscreen and water!

vinyasa - using the pulsation of breath, teachers creatively weave one pose to the next for a fluid and flowing class aimed to facilitate a connection to your own authentic rhythm and expression on your mat. These classes will vary according to individual teacher’s style and unique twist!

yin - based on yin principles, these classes will offer a grounding, passive practice that includes pranayama (breath work) and a series of floor postures that are held for longer periods allowing a slower, safer opening of the connective tissues of the body. An excellent practice for relieving stress, releasing tight areas of the body, especially hips and shoulders, and is a great balancing practice for a highly active or “yang” lifestyle.

curious about class levels?


foundation: Students of all ages and abilities can feel comfortable in these classes which move at a perfect pace to study and experience alignment in fundamental postures. Teachers will guide the class with visual and auditory cues as well as offering modifications of postures according to individual student needs.

level I

classes are designed to nurture and encourage the student through a connected and inspired practice. Studying postures from a level I syllabus and their variations, explore self-awareness by integrating breath and movement.

level II

intermediate: For students seeking to challenge themselves and experience a greater sense of wholeness in their practice. These classes hold a purposeful, meditative quality and facilitate connection and reflection while the body explores expansion and renewal.

level III

expanding: Seek and explore your limits! These classes are best for adventurous students with a regular yoga practice and an imagination. Allow the intrigue of your own expression to take you deeper into the study of meditation and attuned body awareness. These classes are not recommended for beginning students.

*Unless designated, classes may be considered “all levels”.

aerial yoga
mom and baby yoga